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Plenty of Uses for Tooddly Stone Pillows In Your Home

Plenty of Uses for Tooddly Stone Pillows In Your Home
  • Just moved into a new home?

    Ready to give your apartment a makeover?

    Whatever your design needs, Tooddly Stone Pillows can help you add a natural, comfortable, creative element to go with your interior decor refresh.

    These deceptively comfortable pebbles make great pillows for kids’ rooms, dens, basements, family and living rooms.

    And now – for the first time ever – you can mix and match your own set to get exactly what you want!

    That’s what makes mixing & match Tooddly Stone Pillows so special. You can customize and create the home you’ve been dreaming of – just take a look below to see some ideas.

    Then, when you’re ready, select the sizes and colorings of the stones you want from the handy dropdown menu.

    Plenty of Uses for Tooddly Stone Pillows In Your Home

    The uses for Tooddly Stone Pillows are only limited by your interior design imagination. By mixing and matching, you can customize not only the look of each stone pillow but also the size.

    Creative Living Room – Don’t feel the need to limit your living room or family room to couches or sofas. While Tooddly Stone Pillows can fill in the space like pebbles in a riverbed – you could mix and match small pillows to add variety to a modern, minimal space, they can also be the foundation for a completely new kind of living room, based less on furniture and more on comfort. Grab a set of multi-colored large pillows and build the room of your dreams!
    Fun For Kids – With a combination of giant Living Stone Pillows in any color you like, you can help your kids make their best pillow fort yet (more like a pillow castle!). Plus, they’re great for dens or play spaces so your kids have something to read on, and they add a touch of nature to their bedrooms. They’ll love these soft, durable stone pillows.
    Professional Photo Studio – Creatives unite! These lifelike stone pillows are a professional photographer’s dream – easy-to-use, lightweight, and comfortable. Set the scene of a natural outdoor environment by combining a few different styles of stones, and create the look you want today!
    Types of Living Stone Pillows

    The joy of personalization is directly connected to just how many options are available. With Tooddly Stone Pillows, you have dozens and dozens of potential design layouts.

    15 Natural Stone Looks – From solid color grays, whites and blacks, to pockmarked stones, stones with flecks of white, gray, and red, Tooddly Stone Pillows come in a wide variety to give you exactly the home you’re looking for.
    6 Stone Pillow Sizes – Not only can you mix and match colors, but you can mix and match shapes. If you’ve already got a living room setup, choose a handful of smaller pillows to complement. Or, fill a room with giant stone pillows and give yourself a new kind of comfort. The choice is yours!
    Plus, don’t forget that you have the chance to save lots of money on shipping if you choose to fill your Tooddly Stone Pillows by yourself. Check below for an easy way to make your new pillow set even more affordable.

    When you’re ready for a home that’s truly your own, order your own mix & match Toodly Stone Pillows set today!

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